My name is Michelle Spies! That is why this website is (it was on purpose!)

I'm a freelance writer and comedian who specializes in self-deprecating humor and ruining things people like. I'm a 2014 graduate of Northwestern University's Radio/TV/Film program which means I've seen a lot of movies and I am in debt. I also completed The Onion's prestigious Writing Fellowship in 2015. Currently I'm a Contributing Writer for the site.

You may have read some of my other jokes and pieces in Clickhole, Botnik, Vulture, Someecards, or Onion Labs. It's possible you've seen me doing [what I call] stand up at "Critic" (the live movie review comedy show) back in Chicago.

You might also (but hopefully do not) know me as the Worst Fanbase Tournament girl. I'm working on replacing that title with anything else!


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