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My name is Michelle Spies! That is why this website is (it was on purpose!)
RAD 8.18.jpg

I'm a writer, comedian, and editor. I'm a 2014 graduate of Northwestern University's Radio/TV/Film program. I also completed The Onion's Writing Fellowship in 2015. Currently I'm a Contributing Writer for the publication.

You may have read some of my other jokes and writings in Clickhole, Botnik, Vulture, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Someecards, or Onion Labs.


It's possible you've seen me doing [what I call] stand up at "Critic" (the live movie review comedy show I created) back in Chicago which ran at The Second City & The iO Theater (or doing stand up at other places I guess.)

I used to do Twitter but then El*n bought it and ruined it. 

Right now I'm in Los Angeles writing pilots (rep: and working with DistroKid's marketing team.

Okay is that good enough? Like, you get it right, my whole deal?

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