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Comedy Videos 

'The Onion' Looks Back At Die Hard

Here's a fun take I developed during my fellowship at The Onion.

The Honest Trailers Honest Trailer

A few other Botnik Studios staff writers and I co-wrote this video for Screen Junkies' Honest Trailers using predictive text keyboards sourced from their own videos.

Standing Up And Telling Jokes!

Here's a fun joke about Hitler (everyone's favorite kind of joke!!!)

Lower The Fucking Standards

This is a sketch I wrote for "Girls, Interrupting" in Donny's Skybox at The Second City!

Catching Up On TV!

Just a little sketch about television and friendship :)

Branded Content & Commercials

Branded content/ads

Barbasol - "No Brainer"

Wrote this short ad for a Barbasol campaign I created called "No Brainers." The campaign began airing on TV in 2017.

The Cell Phone Store: A Visit From Corporate

This episode I wrote is part of a sponsored content series Onion Labs partnered with Visible on.

Sling TV- What's On The Pizza

Here's a spot I helped write via OnionLabs, The Onion's in-house ad agency.

DistroKid Tutorial Videos

I scripted several "How To" videos for DistroKid to make product info clearer (and a bit more interesting) for users.

Jewel-Osco's "Local Gems" Series

Jewel-Osco wanted some humor injected into their employee feature series "Local Gems" and I wrote these scripts.

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