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QUIZ: How Many Of These Recurring Dreams About Casey Affleck Have You Had?

BLOG: My Sons Taught Themselves To Be Feminists Without My Help, What The Fuck

MUST SEE: The Latest In Home Security: ADT Now Provides Stickers For Your Front Door To Warn Robbers Your Stuff Sucks

ARTICLE: Pretty Pointless: This Woman Who Lived To Be 107 Died Anyway

ARTICLE: A Master Of Secrets: This Woman Won’t Loosen Her Grip On Her Phone While Showing Everyone A Picture Of A Dog

ARTICLE: Inspiring Bravery: This Heroic Civilian Ran Right Up To A Burning Building

ARTICLE: Scared Straight: This Program Pairs At-Risk Privileged Youth With White-Collar Criminals To Show Them The Horrors Of House Arrest

ARTICLE: Damn, The Kid From 'Smart House' Got Hot But Now He's Not Hot Again You Just Missed The Window

ARTICLE: Aww: Animal Experts Are Saying Cats Really Do Miss Their Owners If That's What You Need To Hear

ARTICLE: Meh: This Woman Shared 'Real' Photos Of Her Post-Pregnancy Body To Start A Conversation About Imperfections, But We've Already Seen That A Bunch Of Times

ARTICLE: Kinda Taking A While: This Woman Is Clearly Still Scrolling To Find An Acceptable Picture Of The New Guy She’s Dating To Show Her Friends

ARTICLE: Remember The Kid Who Played Beans On ‘Even Stevens’? Come On, Please Baby, Try To Remember

ARTICLE: Nerves Of Steel: This Guy Is Scarfing Down The Trader Joe’s Free Samples Without Even Doing That Pretend Curious Glance At The Product’s Box

ARTICLE: Nice: This Nature Documentary Lets You Watch, Like, 45 Minutes Of Cool Fish Stuff Before It Gets Into The Scary Climate Change Part

ARTICLE: Added Security: You Now Need To Ring A Bell To Get A Target Employee To Unlock The Cabinet Containing The Employee You Need To Unlock The Cabinet Containing The Deodorant

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